Myselfie at momondays!

I read once that 1% of what we are is visible and touchable and the remaining 99% of us is a lot of something else. That’s a lot of us that has nothing to do with what we look like. And if we think about all the changes our physical body goes through, it’s ridiculous to identify ourselves with the mere 1% of our being that is so transient. Am I a teetering toddler? A blond virgin? A witty old lady to be? It doesn’t matter what vehicle we travel in. What matters is the destination and journey. But the vehicle is valuable nonetheless and we need to take care of it and be grateful for it because it’s what allows us to navigate the world, to affect the world and to be affected by it.

In a way of acknowledging and giving thanks to my current vehicle, the 1% I get to ride around in every day on this leg of my journey, I recently did a meditative exercise whereby one mindfully describes their own body parts in a grateful manner. As I was exploring, I began to heal, and I began to build not only self-awareness but a one-woman show! It is is still a work in progress– but aren’t we all? My goal is to create a meaningful life, a spectacle of laughter, song and dance that is an enjoyable adventure for me and a memorable experience for those around me. I feel superbly blessed and I am taking this time to give thanks for what I’ve been given. Would like a glimpse of it? Behold… Myselfie.

Dear, all everything beating and breathing in the universe, thanks for giving me head. And face. And other great bits. Thank you for my soft silky hair, for being so enticing to others that I benefit from frequent petting.

Smile, thank you for being there for me and others. You have lightened and heightened a good many mood. They say you light up a room when you arrive, and I know this to be true because whenever I walk into a room with you, everyone within is illuminated–and all the jubilant light reflects back at me. Thank you for the readiness and ease with which you come out to play. You are a weapon for good and I brandish you gladly. Get it? Gladly?

Feet. I like your shape. I love your toes. I love how they cascade down in size but for the second one that reaches out beyond the crowd. I love that you signify traits that so many of us strive to be in tune with and hope to be courageous enough to act upon… to stand out from the masses even if it means wrecking the visual of the status quo, to reach and grow beyond our own backyard, to be anchored to others yet free on our own. All these things are so important and hold me up, just like you, my sweet feet. You allow me to hold my poise as I run wild and dance with no restraint, as I walk in stride with friends side by side, as I follow those I admire and blaze a path for others… Dear feet, thank you for bringing us to this spot right here right now and thank you for taking us to our next adventure– which is always only a few steps away.

Thank you, my dear body, for the collective chaos and cacophony and clownery you are. I explode with passion both joyful and painful from the inside out and know that I am alive and moving forward. You and me are in this together. There is no you without me or me without you. Together we are Myelfie.

I encourage everyone to do this exercise. It’s fun and touching!
And while you’re at it, drop a selfie in the comments section down below!

I am proud to be performing a wee snippet of Myselfie at MoMondays Toronto on Monday Jan 30th! Please be with us if you can! It’s a night filled with warmth and inspiration!

Happy day, everybuddy!
🙂 Kat

This blog post was written by KAT LEONARD. Catch KAT at momondays Toronto, ON on 01/30/2017! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

Kat Leonard: TV host, musician, comedian, writer; graduate of The Second City Conservatory Kat specializes in motivational humourtainment. Artistic Director of Let’s Make Good Productions and WonderFest, spreading empowerment through art. Creator and host of The Curve TV, a healthy deviation from the straight and narrow, promoting healthy lifestyle and body confidence. Madcap and profound, Kat oscillates unpredictably between heartfelt and hilarious, leaving you with the drunken joy of a sugar rush. For more about KAT, visit

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