“No” can be a good thing!

We can get so many ‘no’s’ in our lives. You know what I mean, the brick walls we hit when things don’t go our way. At Mo Monday this coming Monday, November 18, I’d like to share my story about a ‘no’ and how it changed my life and the life of an underprivileged young woman.

As I look at my values, the internal rules with which I run my business and my life definitely one of those values is: “Celebrate the no.!” What a difference that can make!

This blog post was written by Donna Douglas. Catch Donna at MoMondays on 11/18/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

DonnaSnuggleootlowres Donna Douglas, founder of the Grow Vantage business development program, is a lifelong communicator, writer, mentor, and….. knitter! A 45 year resident of Barrie, I’m so glad for the hand of fate that sent my husband, Ivar Boriss, and I to this little community! Giving back, strengthening my community is definitely a major activity and one I do with fervour. I’m a mom, a grandmother (best role yet!), friend and celebrator of brick walls and the word, ‘no’. For more about Donna, visit http://www.donnadouglas.com.

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