On Mind Power & Beyond

Have you ever had one of those experiences in life that was so profound it caused you to literally stop and take inventory of not just your life, but the way you’ve been living and the beliefs you held? When I was fortunate enough to have this awakening, it showed me that I was the one – as is most often the case – that was standing in the way of my own success.

I became aware of this when I was privy to witnessing the super human powers of the mind. From that point on I had to make a choice, and the choice was to willfully and consciously change my beliefs about what we are capable of and what is possible when we use the power of our minds.

Change is not always that simple though, and I still struggle because my beliefs buck our culture’s current reality as you will hear when I share my full story on the stage at momondays Toronto on April 15, 2019. I welcome you to come and listen to what I learned we are capable of when we use the power of our minds and beyond.

This blog post was written by Didi Verg. Catch Didi at momondays Toronto, ON on 04/15/2019! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

Didi is a Master Hypnotist, a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the Author of Brain Hacks 101. Didi is also a sought after professional speaker in the field of emotional health and wellbeing having appeared on numerous podcasts, television shows, radio interviews as well as a presenter at various conferences. For more about Didi, visit http://www.brainhacks101.com.

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