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We’re looking for a new Oshawa moHost so we can keep spreading mo heart, humour and happiness!

Everyone involved in momondays is amazed at how quickly the event continues to attract bigger and bigger audiences. By blending entertainment with personal growth, and by providing a format with real people, real stories and real inspiration, momondays is giving people a much-needed break from canned presentations, business networking and everything digital.

We also believe that by having a professional platform on which we can share our personal stories, we connect at a deeper human level and in some (not so small) way, we increase the peace, love and understanding in the world… and have fun at the same time! It's thanks to people like you that momondays has grown from a single location in 2012 to over 12 locations in North America, and we have had inquiries from all over the world.

Want to join the fun? We want to hear from you! Apply to be a momondays host in Oshawa!

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Check out the heart, humour and happiness at momondays Oshawa!

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