Outside In

Outside in is a term I learned about as a theatre student. It means allowing the outside world (for example, the costume or setting or wig) affect the way you (your character) behaves. The opposite is the term ‘inside out’ meaning letting how you (the character) feels affect his/her behavior.

In life, I used to think outside in meant allowing what’s on the outside impose a meaning, a role, a label onto you (the person) causing your behavior. I would like to think of it, though, as inviting the outside world in and then allowing what’s there to affect and inspire the outside world. Perhaps, even effect some change. Just a thought.

What does this have to do with my talk at momondays on August 31st? Last year I had something called alopecia areata. (Doesn’t that sound like some kind of pasta?) It’s actually a medical condition where the immune system attacks hair follicles causing hair loss (in round patches).

Lovely! There was a lot of fear and anxiety that came and went with each strand of hair. The main questions on my mind were: Will I (still) be attractive? Will people think I’m making some bold fashion choice? Will I have to wear a wig and look like a phony, SNL style, version of myself? Who will I be if I can’t hide behind my hair?

I was terrified. I was afraid that the way I looked on the outside would impose onto me some kind of meaning that I didn’t want. It was good in the end because it gave me the opportunity to confront some of those fears. In other words, letting the outside in turned me inside out… and that’s a good thing!

This blog post was written by Alexandra Lean. Catch Alexandra at momondays Toronto, ON on 08/31/2015! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

Alexandra-Lean I am thinking and feeling person who enjoys theatre. I specifically enjoy writing musicals, plays, films and the like. I enjoy bringing these creations to life whether it be onstage or on screen. I studied Theatre at Brock University where I received the F. Janet Dolman Prize for Excellence in Playwriting. I went to Humber College for TV: Writing and Producing. I produced a musical called Nobody’s Idol in 2013 at the Toronto Fringe Festival. I also enjoy improvising, like, a lot. For more about Alexandra, visit http://alexandralean.wordpress.com.

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