Planes, Trains & Automobiles with 2 hotels

I had to fly out of Buffalo on Wednesday morning at 7:00am and leave Atlanta at Thursday 8:00pm. Return to Buffalo at 12:00am and stayed overnight and left in the morning 7:30am back to Toronto. Got back to work just before lunch.


I had a Public Speakers Association event at Microsoft Store at Yorkdale Shopping Mall. It was an awesome evening of learning, sharing and socializing.
After it was over I headed back to the city to get into my Honda Civic Sir and my luggage and head towards Buffalo to begin my trip.
Got into my car, had my luggage, paperwork and most import my GPS unit which I called Kate IV (don’t worry about the digits will share that in the end!”

Punched in the hotel into Kate IV and started my trip.

Out of the downtown core to the Gardiner and then on the QEW

Reach the Lewiston the bridge and which were I need to go to head toward the airport.

I got the Border Security guard who proceeded to ask me all sort of question. I thought I was on trial! He managed to trip me up. Even though I had all the paper to prove my trip. He eventually let me go.

That’s where the real adventure began. It was darkness and lots of pylons. Thousands of them!!!
All I had to do was to rely on Kate IV instructions and I would be okay.
So I began to drive and just list to her turn left here to right here and before I knew in less than half hour I had arrived at the 1st hotel of my stay. It was sight for sore eyes to see a Tim Horton’s next door to the hotel.


I woke up at 5:30am and go ready to go to the airport.

Went down had breakfast and took the shuttle bus to the airport. Driver was funny and intriguing. Asking where I was going and how my morning was. He said “you are more than two hours early for your flight what are going to do at the gate?” I responded “sleep!”

He dropped me off at the terminal and proceeded to the gate. I have travelled quite a bit during the years but happened next was truly hilarious!

Check in my bags at security and was ask to go into this huge wind turbine that wind round and round.

I exited and the border patrol office ask me to open my bag. She pulls out my shaving cream canister and says “you can’t take this with you. It’s over the 3.2 gram limit” I responded “ reat what am I going to use now to shave” she responds “that your problem sir have a great trip!”

I got to my gate and it was empty, of course it was I was 2 hours early! Hint hint. So I got comfortable and fell asleep. About 1 ½ later I wake up to hearing people and planes. I look around and wouldn’t you know it there is people waiting to board the plane!

We leave on time at 7:20am and are headed to Charlotte North Carolina for a connecting flight to Atlanta airport.

We landed on time and are dropped off at Section E. and my connecting flight was in section A. I had about 1hr stay so I took my time to walk through the airport. It was an awesome day in Charlotte the sun was shining and it was getting very warm inside
The plane arrive and we board the flight to Atlanta which was scheduled to land at 12:00pm. We got there on time and proceeded to get out and head to claim my luggage.

This where I had fun with the Plane Train. Its automated train that take you to all the various sections of the airport. It say “welcome to the plane train”. It should come in and hold on for dear life! This train moves like a plane very fast…

I reached my baggage claim it and took forever to get my luggage because everyone has the same colour luggage (black)
My ride arrive and pick me up. His name in Lawson Barr and he has been in the sale business for long time. He taught me so many lessons in 72hr I literally could write a book.

We went to the 2nd hotel to register and drop of my luggage and then got to the tradeshow.

Everything went well we set up and had some administrative issue with our head office in Toronto.

We went out to dinner to Ruby Tuesdays and had amazing steak dinner and strategized for the next day event.

When I go back that evening I went to the front desk to ask about getting some shaving cream. The front desk manager says ‘there is CVS 5 miles down the road” I said “I don’t have a car, do you anything here? He goes to the drawer and pulls this little packets. “Will these do?” I said “Giving 10 of them”
Let’ just say it was not very memorable shaving experience.
I then proceeded to the business centre to print out my board pass. Wouldn’t you know the printer wasn’t working
I went back to the front desk and told them about my predicament. The night manager says quietly “how long will it take?” I said “less than five minutes” he says “go ahead make it quick!”


I got up and got ready for the day. Had amazing day as we discussed the plan for the day

The weather was awesome and it was going to be great day at the tradeshow.

The great food, tours and lots great people to talk to, the tradeshow ended at 3:00pm so we head back to airport.

So we got at the airport at 4:00pm and my flight was scheduled to leave at 8:30pm!

I found a nice place called Phillips Seafood and had amazing seafood dinner for few hours

As it got close to board time I headed toward the gate.
This is where the patience and understanding came into play

At many major airports like Atlanta, They are very, very busy. This why you print you boarding pass early before you go. The possibilities to occur where you get bumped off the flight to over-booking.
It is common occurrence. Many people don’t take it well. I saw all sorts of people where angry, frustrated and even negotiating to get on the flights.

They say “patience is a virtue” Now I understand why.

I get to the counter and I share my board pass and she says you are good to go. You will be on this flight.

We got loaded and took off to Charlotte.

When we reached the airport in Charlotte we faced delays getting to the arrival gate due to back up traffic. This meant the time I had to catch my connecting flight was shorter
By the time we got out I have less than 10 minute to get from Gate E to Gate A.

I had my running shoes on and bag and I ran like a silver bullet!

Had few people who I bumped into but I made it to the counter huffing and puffing. The desk clerk says you have time the plane is late arriving go have something to eat.

The gate was jammed with people headed back to Buffalo.

The plane board and we headed back to Buffalo at midnight. Got to baggage claim and got my luggage.
Boarded the shuttle bus back to the hotel and hit the bed quick


I got all refreshed and ready to head back to Toronto.
Checked out of hotel and loaded my car up and turned on my GPS Kate IV and put in my coordinates for Toronto.
I was a more pleasurable ride back. Where I got to see the thousands of pylons this time during the day.
I reached the Lewiston bridge. Paid my car toll and reached the Canadian side and the Border Patrol Guard ask me a few questions and I was off to the races.

Headed back to the QEW east to Toronto. Had a brief delay in Burlington and got back to work just before lunchtime.

Persistence, Patience and adventure all in 4 days.

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