Momondays April 23rd Show Program

Sheila Kelly

Sheila Kelly - Getting Off AutoPilot (How Many Kicks In the Backside Does It Take?)

Introducing our first speaker and a coaching pioneer in Nova Scotia: Sheila Kelly.  Sheila speaks about she had a lovely home, a decent job, a great husband, and the perfect child, so…. how come she was so unhappy?  Find out how she finally made sense of it all.

Since becoming a coach over a decade ago, Sheila has worked with hundreds of individuals helping them navigate the jungle of trust and mistrust, performance issues, difficult conversations, and aligning personal values with that of the organization.

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Nicole Myers Brook - Like a bandage, rip them off! (How to stop labels from stiffeling your life).

Nicole is speaking about how labels can define the version of yourself and how you can break free of those labels to be who you truly are!

She is a multi-faceted entrepreneur delivering carefully crafted, highly effective PR, marketing, publicity and brand growth campaigns for her clients. She’s also a wife and mother, and together with her husband Brian, they own the popular cafe and lounge The Nook, with locations in downtown Halifax and Bedford, Nova Scotia. They introduced the successful Token program supporting and nourishing food insecure members of their city and offering up dignity on the side of coffee and a meal. She is a powerhouse entrepreneur who innovates for social growth in her clients and community.


Jeannette Folan - That Deep, Dark, Stinkin’ Hole (Perspectives of Despair)

Through a parable she heard on a TV show, Jeannette shares three unique perspectives of how she witnessed and experienced the passage of despair.  From this she learned that each person’s journey through darkness is unique and as significant as the time spent in the light.

Jeannette was born and raised in Chicago, but left her hometown when he she heard love calling her to Montreal.  Ten years later, she and her husband heard a new life calling them to Halifax.  And a new life is what she found!  Jeannette hung up her marketing hat to become an author, educator and Integrative Health Coach whose primary focus is empowering Highly Sensitive youth.


Sharon Ishimwe - Roots so deep. Wings so Swift

It’s been said that the best things you could give your children are roots and wings. Sharon got both. Born and raised in Kampala, Sharon has lived her life outside of the limitations dictated by the situations around her. Her story is a reflection of how her roots and wings have shaped her life and how oftentimes, the two are in such conflict. Come get a glimpse of her journey as she delves into her constant and fearless wandering into the unknown.

Sharon currently attends the Master of Public Relations program at Mount Saint Vincent University and is passionate about everything communications, women and youth empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

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Laura McCallum - My Friend Harry (A Short Friendship Can Last A Lifetime)

Our Final speaker of the night talks about a crazy Texan who showed Laura that the best bits of life are the people you meet along the way.  AND, if you are generous and genuine in friendship, perhaps you too can touch the heart of someone...perhaps even someone in the momondays' audience.

Laura McCallum is a marketing adventurer. Her business career spans three decades, two countries, and oodles of industries. She is now pouring all that marketing magic into her own company - FlashinDivas - a virtual club for women rounding the last bend of the estrogen racetrack.