Reclaim your Power to Change your World

We all have a story or stories that are defining our lives right now. I believe one important element of healing emotionally, mentally and physically is to step through our stories and heal the emotions that are keeping us stuck. This is where true personal transformation is possible. This is where we can reclaim our power to heal, to create, to change our reality.

One of my favourite quotes by Byron Katie is “There is only one person to change, and it’s the one you are always with so it’s also convenient.” Katie is a teacher and author who presents a very easy and compelling method to let go of your story and find your truth. Many of us are so blinded by our past beliefs, our limiting decisions and all the negative emotions we are still carrying that we resist any opportunity for growth. Resistance will keep you stuck in your pain. It is in allowing and releasing that freedom is possible.

It was very painful for me to stand up and choose to grow in the face of massive changes in my life. I am not going to lead you to believe that it happened in a moment. It took me over two years to finally stand up and choose to grow, to let go and to live in the now. Choosing growth has brought me more joy and peace than I ever thought was possible.

The most important step in letting go of your stories and to heal emotionally, mentally and physically is to forgive. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful, transformative change agents I’ve come across and it’s absolutely free. Forgiveness allows you to release all the old hurts and negative feelings that are impacting your life now. Forgiveness is often misunderstood as letting someone else off the hook. In fact, it is in forgiving others and ourselves that we let ourselves off the hook.

When you choose to grow, to forgive, and to let go of your past stories your personal power grows exponentially. Your self-worth is worth more than gold; you become empowered to live the life you truly want to live. You begin to measure your success not only by the accomplishments during the good times, but also by your ability to overcome the challenges during the hard times.

Celebrate and give thanks to yourself for the courage it took to choose personal growth. Remember that there is no such thing as pure darkness, there is only less light.

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IMG_6335-lights-t Sandra’s formal education and university degrees are in Commerce and IT Management. She spent 13 years working in the corporate world. She left the corporate world to heal from severe anxiety. She started her healing journey by focusing on healing the body, along the path she found herself experiencing amazing healing by not only focusing on the body but also the mind-body connection. Walk with Sandra at momondays as she traces the steps of her journey. For more about Sandra, visit http://

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