Reinvention is the Mother of SUCCESS

Although we’ve all heard the saying “necessity is the mother of invention,” I believe my twist on an old saying is more accurate than most people would like to admit.

What gives me the right to say this so boldly? Simply said, I know it to be true, especially in my case!

And it can also be true in yours too!

Facing the world as a single MOM brought challenges I never thought I’d face and wondered how I’d ever overcome. Struggling from pay cheque to pay cheque prevented my self-esteem from the recovery from the loses I’d suffered.

What good was a pay cheque when I’d lost “who I really was?”

Yes, the money put a roof over our heads and food on the table but I couldn’t stop believing life should be more, better. I wanted a rich future for my daughter and for myself. But it seemed so far from my grasp, I cried at night with the reality of my situation.

So, on my own, I learned how to trust my instincts. I developed courage and faced uncertainty. I made mistakes and learned from them. I forged a fantastic company providing a life that is rich with bounty. I educated my daughter. I developed a method to make money.

But most of the success came from the willingness I had to REINVENT myself to match the challenges.

The success and money flowed. My future developed.

Now I’m blessed to have the opportunity to teach my reinvention beliefs and the nuts and bolts of business. I believe in sharing my knowledge and mentoring women on ways to grow their future through business. The ability to recognize opportunity is not a god given skill, it can be learned and I’m on a mission to teach it and empowering women to find independence and build the life they deserve.

Reinvention is not a dirty word and it comes with a huge opportunity to create or craft the life you were meant to live – a life fueled by a strong business and built with the tools I’ve developed and teach every day.

The methods I developed through determination and strong will helped me build a multi million dollar QSF empire (Quick Service Food) business in 5 years. Now, I employ over 65 people most of whom are women. This make me so happy.

I LOVE helping women find their full potential in life.
I LOVE powering them with the tools to educate their children as I did.
I LOVE teaching them to design and build the legacy of their dreams.

I wish I’d had the support of an experienced mentor.
I wish I could have avoided sleepless night.
I wish I didn’t have to work 16-hour days.
I wish I knew how to build a strong team in the beginning. I wish I had a blueprint to follow.

Those wishes have turned into a mission and I’m driven to fulfill my mission as a mentor, guide and teacher – helping women achieve success through REINVENTION.

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Kathleen-Small Kathleen Mundy knows the business of business. With over 40 years of business and entrepreneurship, Kathleen built a multimillion-dollar company in 5 years. Spending only 15 hours a week running that business, she can focus on her real passion, helping entrepreneurs like YOU make significant changes in your life and business. As Business Coach of Making Your Own Money, Kathleen now teaches business owners across North America the strategies of designing profitable systems and businesses. For more about Kathleen, visit

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