Speak or Perform at momondays®

Everyone is a story in progress.
Tell us yours!

Want to speak or perform at a momondays®? If you're a real human being with a real heart and you have a real story to tell, we want to hear it!

We've had great talks from people who have fascinating expertise on a specific subject, from people who have a powerful life story and from people who seem to draw powerful lessons from everyday events. We've had professional speakers as well as people who have stepped on stage for the first time in their lives.

What we'd love is for you to speak from the heart and share a personal story. Professional speakers often tell us that they love speaking at momondays because it gives them the opportunity to push and challenge themselves to tell a more personal story than they might have ever told in a corporate environment. And musicians love the chance to stretch beyond the usual noisy bar crowd and share the story behind the songs with an engaged audience. In fact, please take a look at the videos of past speakers and musicians, and you'll see that the most engaging speakers often wrap their talk around a very personal experience. What you choose to talk about or divulge, however, is entirely up to you.

The only 'rules' are no selling, no training, no teaching, no preaching and no therapy. Speaking slots are 10 minutes and you'll find momondays audiences to be wonderfully warm and supportive.

We are often booked months in advance, so don’t count on just showing up unless you’re in from out of town. We are getting far more requests than we can handle in one evening, and we are doing our best to provide a nice balance of speakers for each event.

Here’s how to request and gear up for a speaking slot:

1. Come out to a few momondays events and introduce yourself to the host. We like to get to know you personally before scheduling you. While you're at it, bring a few friends along with you - we like to get to know them too!

2. If you're not already signed up for 'moMail', click here and add yourself now.

3. ‘Like’ the momondays Facebook page. (We really like 'likes'!) Also follow @momondays on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

4. Watch the featured moStories we have here on the site. You’ll see the type of content we’re looking for, and how other speakers structure their moStories. You’ll also see some really, really great speakers!

5. Click here to complete the momondays Speaker Application.

Please note that submitting a momondays Speaker Application does not guarantee you a slot. Your submission will be reviewed and when it is accepted, we'll ask you to fill out a momondays Speaker Agreement. Then, you're all set! We do our best to balance the line-up on any given night based on things such as story theme, speaker experience level, and performance style.

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