momondays Speaker Application

So, you want to share your moStory at momondays? Awesome!

Fill out the momondays Speaker Application below and click the 'submit' button; a copy of your form will go to you and to the host of the momondays you are speaking at.

Please note that submitting a momondays Speaker Application does not guarantee you a slot. Your submission will be reviewed and when it is accepted, we'll ask you to fill out a momondays Speaker Agreement. Then, you're all set! We do our best to balance the line-up on any given night based on things such as story theme, speaker experience level, and performance style.

We're going to ask you to give us a brief description of your moStory. WRITE OUT YOUR DESCRIPTIONS SEPARATELY BEFORE ENTERING IT HERE. If the form malfunctions (Imagine! A computer malfunctioning!) the info you send will be lost. Likewise, if you don't get an email acknowledgment for your submission within a day or so, or have any issues with the form, email and let us know!