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Thanks for submitting a speaker application! We’ve sent a copy of this form to your email – be sure to check your spam/junk filter.

We’re booked up for the next few months, get A LOT of speaker applications – and we’re really interested in having you share your story. We always like to meet the speakers personally before scheduling a speaking slot. Please make sure you introduce yourself to one of our hosts at the next possible opportunity. The best way to do that, of course, is to come out to an event!


  1. Your submission will be reviewed.
  2. When you have been selected, you will receive a confirmation email from the location organizer with your speaking date along with a Speaker Agreement.
  3. You must complete the Speaker Agreement by the stated deadline. If there is anything in the agreement you disagree with and you’d prefer to withdraw your speaker request, that’s ok!
  4. The location organizer will also request a Speaker Bio.
  5. When you have submitted the Speaker Agreement and Speaker Bio, you are confirmed to speak on the set date.
  6. Show up prepared for the set date.

All of us at momondays look forward to your story. If you have any questions about it, or about getting the digital rights so you can use the video and photos of your performance, or about how to structure your story for best effect, or about anything at all… please contact the host of the momondays you’ve applied to speak at.

And remember, you can make every day a momonday!


Michel Neray
Founder and Producer of momondays
Professional MC/speaker

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