Staying in the game

To feel the moment, be in the moment and be grateful of this moment is what I try to get to. I have one more day of life to make a difference, to lift myself up and be of some account. Having gratitude has pulled me through, even for the small things, and when I feel myself slipping, I give thanks for what I have and it seems shift me into a place of peace. I am not defined by my mistakes, by tragedy or my lowest points, I am striving to refine and refocus my life and to create more joy, even if it’s the smallest drop, it’s still something. Even one tiny drop of joy has enough light to chase away the ghosts of my insecurities.

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Rosita Stone is a dynamic award winning artist who’s travelled the world, co-written with hit songwriters, performed with Michael Buble and others, and has had promo TV ads with Harley Davidson Latin. She’s currently is a coordinator for the Songwriters Assoc of Canada and was just nominated for the prestigious Waterfront-Women of Outstanding Acheivement award. Currently living in Whitby with her daughter, Rosita is also a Nutritionist who saves animals as her passion. For more about Rosita, visit

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