momondays Sudbury

You meet the nicest people at momondays!!

Put storytelling into a blender. Add a dash of personal growth & transformation. Then drop in a load of laughs. Mix in real, live music, and great conversation with some of the nicest people on the planet, then push the ‘high’ setting… and out comes momondays!



momondays Sudbury

Candice Kirkbride

A twelve and a half year veteran of toastmasters, Candice Kirkbride has learned that communication is everything. She has built her name, her brand and her speaking business on overcoming adversity, the power of positive thinking, as well as forgiveness. She finds inspirational lessons and stories everywhere she goes. She has had the beautiful opportunity to touch, move and inspire thousands of people with her story of strength. Now, she feels it is time to give back by allowing and encouraging others to bring their inspirational stories to the stage... and momondays is the perfect way to do that!!!


6:00 - 6:30pm

There are all kinds of networking events where you can connect with people on a professional level. There are dozens of events where you can 'get into the minds' of brilliant experts on countless subjects.

But how many opportunities do we have to truly connect with each other on the human to human level? Come at 6 to give yourself time to connect with some of the nicest people !

An interesting thing happens when you come to momondays for the pre-show socializing and networking. While the purpose of the show is not business, some of the best business connections have come out of a meeting at momondays.


Mellaney Dahl

"Turn up the radio"


Mellaney Dahl tells the story of going from being a teenager too shy to call and order a pizza over the phone to a well-known local radio personality who’s voice, opinions and laughter is invited into thousands of kitchens and vehicles and workplaces every morning. Mell tells the story of her climb up the radio dial and how her least-likely career path became her passion.



Cathy Mulroy

"Good to be alive right about now"

Cathy would be up against being one of the first women in the Mining industry. She wrote about her battles and how she survived, as well as how hard it was to write and relive. The joy she has now is that the story is published. The enjoyment is telling others and the gratification that so many are showing an interest in what she has to say.


Shawn Gillis

 "Changing fears"

Growing up, Shawn feared many things. Dogs, the dark, even his own dad (the man was a giant). Through trial and error, eventually the truth emerged; that any harm was more imagined than real. Now the only things Shawn really fears are death and taxes.



Alexandre Matte

"How are you?"

Many years ago, Alexandre was inspired by his aunt Carmen to
follow her example of asking questions to have real answers.


Candice Kirkbride

"Taming the lion within"

Candice Kirkbride is known for wishing you a "happy day". Many don't know that she smiles through her pain. She has come face to face with new hurdles that teach her much about the signs and symptoms of anxiety as well as the power of the human spirit.















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