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momondays Sudbury

Candice Kirkbride

A twelve and a half year veteran of toastmasters, Candice Kirkbride has learned that communication is everything. She has built her name, her brand and her speaking business on overcoming adversity, the power of positive thinking, as well as forgiveness. She finds inspirational lessons and stories everywhere she goes. She has had the beautiful opportunity to touch, move and inspire thousands of people with her story of strength. Now, she feels it is time to give back by allowing and encouraging others to bring their inspirational stories to the stage... and momondays is the perfect way to do that!!!




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April 6th

Introducing moTV: a free special live streamed moShow!

Hosted by Michel Neray (the founder of momondays) and special guest/ mohost Candice Kirkbride

She will be sharing the journey that led her to being the host of momondays Sudbury. We will also be showcasing one of momondays Sudbury's past speakers and discussing their performance.  The show starts at 8pm on Mondays, April 6th

















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