The Irreverent Reverend

Forget everything you think you know about ministers and church. Okay, how do I do that? Church as my Dad referred to it was a place hypocrites met to act all sweet and nice in church and then in the parking lot after service they would gossip about other church members. So, imagine my discomfort when I was called to be a minister.

When I was 27 I experienced a powerful, life altering, spiritual epiphany, and ministry became the only option for my career. This posed a number of challenges, such as; my rather colourful past, no religious training or understanding, the church I started to attend wouldn’t allow women to be ministers, and my friends ridiculed me relentlessly, it seemed ministry was an impossible feat. It took me ten years to even begin my training and then five additional years to become a minister. The question for me remained; how does an irreverent, non-religious woman become a minister? How do I do ministry given who I am?

My ministry began on my 42nd birthday in Vernon, BC and I have struggled every day since, trying to figure out how to be this, the Reverend. How am I supposed to act, how am I supposed to speak and how should I dress as a minister. Now, 18 years later my struggle continues as I seek to reconcile my ministry with my authentic self.

My belief about who a minister is supposed to be and the expectations of other people, had me in a box; and I was dying. Today I am facing my fear and revealing me.

Truth is; I am a scared little girl who will be 60 years old on Dec 16 just three days before I take your stage and I am revealing the authentic me, moving through my fear and trepidation, it is time to BE me; The Irreverent Reverend.

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Barbara Schreiner-Trudel, began her ministry in1998 and has ministered to thousands of people. As an ordained minister, she has inspired people to create new careers, fulfilling relationships, experience fulfillment, and satisfaction. Rev B, as she is affectionately known, has the capacity to create a safe environment for participants who attend her workshops and lessons, and they leave her presentations inspired to take action. Author, coach, and minister Rev. B’s life is her ministry. For more about Barbara, visit

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