The Naked Truth: still a secret…

Who would know that camping every summer as a young girl would impact my decisions in my forties?

I didn’t realize it until decades later, my dad past away and I moved –on my own, without family- from Holland to Canada 2 weeks after his passing, in 2005. And then over the past 10 years living in Canada it dawned on me, that my camping experience which actually started when I was only 6 months old, played a role in how I see and feel freedom. In every picture taking during a camping trip, you will see me smiling. I am happy! And so are my parents.

During my early camping trips, I learned that my parents gave me much freedom to explore, learn and choose new friends, and that’s exactly what I did. They didn’t put me in a box, they let me figure out my own comfort zones.

My parents were open-minded and gave me opportunities to do what I wanted to do… even if it wasn’t their ideal picture for my life.

When I was 12 I went on an adventure in Austria and did something out of the box and way out of my comfort zone. When my man found out what I did, she said: “that is so awesome, good for you!” And then she had to face other parents who blamed her for not stopping me and letting me do something “so ridiculous and disrespectful”.

My mam did what she thought and felt was good, and she taught me to do the same. And if it doesn’t work out all that well, change directions… My mam taught me freedom and to speak up, and she always encouraged me to “go for it if it feels good to you”. My dad would say: “if you don’t try, you don’t know”.

My adventure at the age of 12 caused quite an uproar at that time, and it helped me to strengthen courage and trust in myself. Overall it was a true hilarious experience that I seldom shared.

Embracing freedom, courage and trust in myself is something that I have to remind myself of, every time I encounter a new adventure. But getting out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens and a great way to move forward.

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Saskia-092013-orange-jacket-swing-web-size-2 Saskia Jennings is a Catalyst for Midlife BLISS™. At the age of 45, Saskia made a courageous decision and moved from the Netherlands to rural Northern Ontario and she changed her life completely. As a speaker and coach at heart she is an expert in helping professional and personal caregivers to strengthen their “caregiver-muscle”, improve their communications skills and find bliss & balance in their life. Saskia is an expert in helping you transform your Midlife Burnout into Midlife Bliss™! For more about Saskia, visit

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