The Power of Mentorship

Earlier this year I began a new journey in speaking for well know social media company, started using their services in October 2011 and by January 2012 they had hired me to sell and speak about their social media platform.

It was an exciting opportunity to gain credibility with them and more value to my professional services.. I quickly signed the contract on January 25th and had a speaking engagement the next day!

It was a frightening journey at times, but thankfully the Regional Director coached and supported me every step of the way.

As I began my speaking I communicated via phone with her every Monday for a few months to share with her how I was progressing with speaking. I had sent here some videos of my early talks and she gave me written reviews.

As summer ended I had built great momentum and my numbers were beginning to increase. I began to get referrals from various contact I had online and offline.

My regional director told me, “You’re a Rock Star!”

That meant more to me than all the referrals.

Going into October and November, my schedule begin to fill up and I had to really keep track of my speaking engagements and referrals that were coming in. I had registered a local community college to use our email marketing service and the revenue from just that one client was good to start, many more began to come after that.

My goal is to develop as a dynamic speaker and trainer. Thanks to the people who have guided me, given me honest feedback and encouragement, that goal is within reach. That’s the power of mentorship.

This blog post was written by Jim Pagiamtzis. Jim spoke at a recent Toronto MoMonday, and he’ll be back in the audience on Dec 17! Get your advance tickets here!

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