The Red Dress

Have your ever planned that “perfect family Christmas” like Chevy Chase on Christmas Vacation? After 12 years in the military I had never been able to be with my side of the family for Christmas. This was going to be the “perfect family Christmas” if I had anything to do with it. So we set out in our station wagon from Winnipeg with our 4 children heading to North Bay. Now you really need to come and hear the rest of the story to find out the significance of the red dress. See you at MoMonday Barrie.

This blog post was written by Helen Martin. Catch Helen at MoMondays on 12/16/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

Old enough to know better, but young enough to try. A farm girl from Powassan ON, trained as a Registered Nursing Assistant in Sudbury, and then worked briefly at North Bay Civic Hospital. Easily bored I quit my job and hitch hiked across Canada, and then joined the military on a dare. Now I was being challenged and 28 years or so later retired as a physician assistant. As a wife and a mother to 4 boys I traveled a great deal and worked in many interesting places like Alert and Tibet. I decided I needed more challenges and started my own business Breathing 201 a year ago. I will be going back to my farming roots to start an alpaca farm this coming summer. For more about Helen, visit

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