Accessing your momondays gmail account

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First, let me explain why we selected Gmail for momondays email…

We started using Google to host our email because it has the best spam filter around and allows you to access your email a variety of ways. Google Apps for Business Services is a paid, professional platform, but it gives us a number of additional advantages — like file sharing with Google Drive! And of course, it offers the best security out there.

We already went ahead and registered your momondays account with Google Apps for Business, so you should have already gotten an email (sent to your ‘other’ email address) from Google – and from us – notifying you about it.

If you haven’t seen this email, please go and check now…and make sure to look in your spam/junk folder, as it may have ended up there! This email contains your momondays email address, and your temporary password. You will need this information to move forward.

NOTE: if, for some reason, you don’t have this email (and you’ve looked):

  • Your email address is your city @ So if you are in Toronto, for example, your email address would be
  • Your temporary password is usually MoMoYourCity100. So if you are in Toronto, for example, your temporary password would be MoMoToronto100.

Please use this email address for all momondays correspondence, not only with us but also in all your momondays-related activities. In fact, this is likely the last time we send anything to your ‘other’ email address. From now on we’ll send emails to your momondays email.

Ok…now, we’re going to sign in and get your momondays email account all set up!