Log in to gmail

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Now, we're going to log in to your gmail account and get it all set up:

  1. To log in to your momondays email, go to http://email.momondays.com. (or gmail.com)
  2. Your username is your email address, and your temporary password was emailed to your other email address. (Remember, your email address is yourcity@momondays.com, and your temporary password is MoMoYourCity100)
  3. If you already have a Gmail account, you will be asked to ‘Sign in with a different account’. Go ahead, use your email address to add your momondays Google account. Personally, I like to create a whole new user tab for momondays so I can keep it separate. (If you want to do that, just open Chrome and then click on your sign-in name at the top right of your browser window, then click on add account.)
  4. If the first time you log in, you'll go to a 'Welcome' page. This page has information about your new account, and Google’s Terms of Service. Scroll down and click the 'accept' button to continue.
  5. You’ll then go to a 'Recovery Options' page; this is where you can enter your phone number and another email address that Google will use in case you ever lose access to your momondays Google account. You don't have to fill this out, but it’s a good idea. (You never know!)
  6. You’ll also be asked to change your password. Please choose something strong - best practice is to use a mixture of both upper and lower case letters, numbers and other characters. Please save this password somewhere! The easiest way to remember all your passwords is to use a password manager (we like LastPass)

If you are not forced to change your password, please do it anyway! Here’s how:

  1. From any Gmail page, click the gear icon at the top right. Then click Settings and open the Accounts tab.
  2. In the Change account settings section, click Google Account settings.
  3. In the new window, click Security in the left sidebar.
  4. Click Change password. Enter your current password and your new password.

See the video below if you prefer a visual walkthrough: