momondays Operations Manual

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Take the time to read through the Operations Manual. As a reminder you'll find it in the Digital Library in the momondays Operations Manual and Guides folder:


There is a PDF version, but the most up-to-date version is always the Google Docs version - Google Docs is Google's version of Word (basically). We do revise it often, and the date is always appended to the end of the file name in this format: YYYYMMDD (so 20171226 would mean it was last updated Dec 26, 2017).

Double-click the file name to open the Google Docs version of the Operations Manual:


The Operations Manual is a comprehensive document that covers virtually every aspect of organizing, promoting and hosting a momondays. It is based on the sum total of best practices from successful momondays hosts who have been a part of our growth and evolution. It is highly, highly recommended that you to adhere to the guidelines, policies and best practices outlined in the manual as closely as possible – to give you the best chance of success for your own momondays, as well as to provide a consistent momondays experience for audiences everywhere and support a strong momondays brand for all the other hosts.

We recommend you first skim the entire document to familiarize yourself with the all the elements you need for a successful momondays business and community, and then go back and focus on the specific area that is most relevant for your current needs.

For now...skim away, because we're going to quiz you on it next!