momondays Photo Video Guidelines

Topic Progress:

Now, take the time to read through the momondays Photo Video Guidelines. Again, this is located in the Digital Library, in the momondays Operations Manual & Guides folder.


Double-click the file name to open the Google document:


Photography and video are very important elements of the momondays experience. The digital content from each momondays ‘show’ is the best vehicle for promoting the next momondays to attract a bigger audience. In fact, posting the photography/video is one of the best ways to maintain the buzz and momentum, especially on Facebook, Youtube and other social media. Also, high quality video and photos are your best opportunity to attract high quality speakers.

The purpose of the Guide is to help you produce the best possible digital content, and to explain the process for what to do with the files and how to make use of them. The first sections relate to both photography and video, followed by a specific section for each.

Read through it now and then...Get ready for another quiz!