How to use your momondays gmail account with other email programs

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Gmaill works great in any standard web browser, especially Chrome, which we recommend. But you can also configure your access your account from other email clients too. Here are your choices:

  • Microsoft Outlook : Access your Google Apps mail, contacts, and calendars from Microsoft Outlook using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (available if your organization has purchased a Google Apps for Business or Education account). Learn more about Google Apps Sync
  • IMAP clients : You can also access Gmail from any of several other mail programs by setting them up as IMAP clients. These include Outlook, Outlook Express,  Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, and more. Get instructions on IMAP clients.
  • POP clients: If your mail program can't be set up for IMAP, you can set it up as a POP client instead. Get instructions on POP clients.
  • Your mobile devices: Yep, momondays is just like Gmail because it is Gmail. You can set up your momondays email account in your phone or tablet just like any other email or Gmail account.

Just remember to add a momondays signature in any email platform you use.

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