Toronto MoMonday Nov 26 Line-up!

OK you wonderful people, as promised… here’s the line-up for MoMonday November 26 in Toronto!!!

David Cohen is going to tell how he got to kiss the Stanley Cup! (Hey, this is going to be way better than the hockey that’s not happening on the ice!)

Bonnie Chan and Aaron Chan will do a tag team match all about the enormous difference that an appreciation of appreciation has made in their lives.

Antoinette Burrell will show us that flowers bloom on their own schedule. (It’s a beautiful story of opening up to the sun and light around us.)

Jim Pagiamtzis will first teach us how to pronounce his name — and then describe the impact of Impact of mentorship in his journey (so far) in life.

And the next time you you’ve got troubles, you’ll remember Susanne Witte. Susanne’s story is so incredible, you’ve simply got to hear it yourself to believe it. Wait for it. Amazing…

Rebecca Jane Young is a French teacher who took a leave from her job in 2008 to work in Ghana with Habitat for Humanity and in Rwanda with the Canadian International Development Agency. You think she’s got an inspiring story or two we can learn from? Sometimes the best insights really do come from half way around the world…

Finally, we are lucky to catch Sharon Worsley – fresh off the plane from spending some quality time with Jack Canfield. Sharon will talk about the incredible impact that certain people have made in her life. (Hmm, you think one of those people might be Jack?)

It’s going to be a truly great evening with some of the most wonderful people on the planet, and that includes you! Plus we’ll share laughs like we always do! If you haven’t purchased your advance tickets yet, hurry! This room looks like it’s filling up faster than ever.

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