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Our trained speakers are changing the conversation around Relationships, Marriage & Divorce. Are you ready to join us?

We are serving up a new Relationship Recipe... okay and a few Relationship Disasters.

We are putting storytelling into a blender. Adding a dash of personal growth & transformation. Then dropping in loads of laughter. With a side dish of hot DJing,  sassy live music, and juicy conversations with some of the nicest people on the planet, then we are pushing the ‘high’ setting and out pours an Energy Booster momondays-Toronto North.


Bonnie, Delores and Sandy


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Sandy, Bonnie, and Delores

A Relationship Warrior, a Divorce Recovery Coach and a 3 Time Divorcee have been brought together for the love of growing, healing, transformation. We are bringing together over 60 years of personal and professional growth that has profoundly shaped our lives and the lives of the people we work with.

Each of us are committed to changing the conversations around relationships, marriage and divorce. Together we are challenging conversations to be ones that are thought-provoking, healing, real and sometimes straight out funny! We are energized about creating a platform to speak, entertain and heal.

Show Program

Upcoming Speakers
November 25, 2019
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Delores Wurtz - "Divorce Shame"

As a 3 times divorcee; Delores thought she was fine with it; but when the headline "Delores, Three Time Divorcee" was published for the world to see this was another story, she demanded that it be removed! Delores' divorce shame came flooding back. Was she prepared to hold that title? Delores shares her light-hearted and moving story from judgement and shame to powerful self-awareness.




Richard Zinck - "Finding My Innerchild"

Richard reached the top of his industry only to find with great disappointment that his happiness was not there. Empty and lost Richard went on a quest to find his happiness and in doing so he found someone he had forgotten decades ago, discovering he had been there all along. Richard shares his story of how he found success, happiness and a new love for life through the reunion of his inner child; renewing his marriage and many other important relationships.



Mimi Thrasher - "Uncommon Divorce"

Mimi Thrasher - "Uncommon Divorce" Mimi was conflicted because the most important thing to her is PEACE. Yet there she was, defensive and tumultuous, wanting to shake him awake, desperately wanting to remind him of what they had already agreed upon. She was told harmony, love and peace wasn't possible while going through a divorce, yet as a person who stands in the space of peace on earth she knew somehow this now had to translate into her divorce. Mimi is an entrepreneur, author, and a former triathlete and Master’s swim coach. Today after transition from her 10 year marriage she is with the love of her life.


Nick Ward - "Becoming The Man I Dreamt Of"

A love letter to the chronically non-committal commitment phoebe that he was. Nick will share his internal conflict and frustration as he explores his journey to heal his in-complete masculinity. A powerful journey of healing and parenting his wounds and lessons from childhood which matured into a real life partnership and parenting finally ending theory and birthed reality. Nick's life is simple: His love for family, community and consciousness. Nick offers alternatives to self-care often infused with plants medicine.


Best Seats in the house, Dj, Live Music, Cocktails, Dinner, Mingling and Networking

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Leave your mask at home, there is no need to fake it or pretend. This is a space where you will be understood and treated with kindness and respect. Connect with like-minded people and divorce professionals. Connect with each other on the human to human level? Come at 6:00 pm to give yourself time to connect with some of the nicest people!

An interesting thing happens when you come to momondays for the pre-show socializing and networking. While the purpose of the show is not business, some of the best business connections have come out of a meeting at momondays.

We have the kitchen fired up and you will be able to order from a full menu!

The kitchen is open from 6:00 pm pm -7:30 pm, so make sure you get your food order in early. The bar is open all night!!! So get ready to mix and mingle with some of the nicest people on the planet -- that’s because you really do meet the nicest people at momondays.


9:00pm - MIDNIGHT


Stay and join the LATIN NIGHT MONDAYS AT ALLEYCATZ - No extra charge it's included with your ticket price

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Speakers from our lasts momondays

NEELAM DHALL -'Taking the Law into Her Own Hands"
Neelam was resigned within her loveless marriage. She had made her bed and now felt that she had to lie in it, she was at risk of losing it all, until the event that would change everything. Buried in legal bills Neelam decided to take the law into her own hands. This is a true story of resilience, determination, and strength


Jessica met, married and fell in love with a gang leader (and not necessarily in that order). Years of being in an abusive relationship and surviving a brutal physical attack inflicted by her husband gave her the gift of forgiveness and purpose. Jessica has flipped the narrative on her life and today helps males in prison and addiction recovery reveal and share their life message to others. TedX speaker and author.


GAIL SCOTT - "A Profound Journey of Light, Love and Liberation"
A simple yes or no question was to lead Gail Scott down a path of discovery and desire for much more in her life. However, creating lasting change would prove to be more difficult and tenuous than she could have ever imagined. She soon found it was her natural gifts that would open doors and create life-changing revelations for both herself and others she met along the way.


On her 13th wedding anniversary, Nina was sitting on her bedroom floor in her bathrobe, playing with her 3 children. Like a pro, she hid her tears. There were no special plans. The obligatory flowers sat like a peacock on the dining room table. The perfect show. When her husband finally came home, Nina went into her usual rant of "This is killing me!" Little did she know - it actually was.

MARK BER - "Lifeskills 101'
Mark shares his story of leaving his traditional family home to get married. After 30-years of marriage, he is forced to face life with no domestic skills whatsoever. This light-hearted tale shares Mark's journey and the lessons he learned as he gets a new reality check on life. No amount of business success was going to prepare him for what came next.


MICHEL NERAY will be speaking at our inaugural momondays event. How perfect is that! We are honored that Michel, the founder of momondays will entertain us with his wit, charm and truth. Alongside him will be the talented 'Jacques Russell Trio'. They are an eclectic mix of blues, jump blues, trucker blues, jazz, and pop, with a bunch of originals thrown in for good measure. "Crowd-pleasing, quirky acoustic!" is how one audience member described the JRT experience... and we agree! If you're looking for an eclectic mix of singer-songwriter, upbeat swing blues, and fun covers, that's them!