Tuning Into My Heart Wave: How I Got Clarity to Create a Purposeful Life

It took years of personal development – reading books, attending courses, working with coaches and asking myself lots of questions, to finally feel clear about my purpose and how to live it.

I knew from an early age that I enjoyed doing creative things – drawing, creating plays for my parents’ guests, playing music, writing, and creating radio shows on a blank cassette on my tape deck. It wasn’t until I was about sixteen that I really got into writing songs and dreaming about being a professional musician. There were lots of distractions along the way over the next few years, where I was really focused on being the best athlete I could be and thinking that I could do everything and have many different careers throughout my life. I planned everything.

The first turning point was in university when I injured my shoulder and couldn’t play sports for a while. I turned to music and songwriting and was hooked. I didn’t play sports for seven years, while I focused on music and was afraid of re-injuring my shoulder. I was working really hard to build my music career, record and release albums, build a following and share my music with the world. I was focused again – this time on music instead of sports.

I was focused, but there came a point when things stagnated for me. This is when I was introduced to personal development. A housemate of mine moved out and left behind a book, which had a ticket for a personal development course inside. I ended up going to the course and taking many more courses after that – learning about the inner-workings of my sub-conscious mind, getting clarity on my passion and purpose, learning to connect with my heart and listen to my intuition, to get into the flow of life. When you get in the flow, things start to manifest more quickly, you meet people who help the pieces fall into place and a magnificent life can be created.

From the years of personal development and coaching, I got clarity on my passion and purpose, learned to tune into my ‘heart wave’ – listen to my intuition – and act with confidence, not knowing all of the pieces of the puzzle and how it would all come together.

I had wanted to go on tour across Canada for 10 years and had been waiting for the right circumstances, the right people, the right connections and the money to materialize. All of this was holding me back, until I learned how to listen to my intuition and take fearless action. It’s not about eliminating the fear; it’s acting in spite of that fear and not knowing. That led me to take massive action and tour across the country by myself – playing shows in every province and doing eight solo tours in four years.

Now I live my life following my heart, listening to my intuition, doing things outside of my comfort zone and taking consistent action in alignment with my purpose, to inspire people, by sharing the joy of music with as many people as I can and helping people unleash the song of their soul. Living life on purpose is fulfilling, exciting, peaceful and feels amazing!

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Session2-6_Signe-Miranda_by-Siyoung-Byun Signe is a professional songwriter, musician & songwriting/life coach, writing songs for over 20 years. She released three solo & band albums; and is author of the #1 international best seller, “The Song Creation Formula: 7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Song.” She’s currently working on her new album, “Heart Wave,” with her band, Signe Miranda’s Veranda. She’s a certified Life Success Coach, Trainer & NLP Practitioner. For more about Signe, visit http://www.signemiranda.com/.

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