Unexpected Healing

Last June, I attended this amazing event in London on a Monday night. It was called Momondays. I had no idea what to expect. It was an evening in which 6 people shared in a room of people in an intimate setting, a story of something that happened in their life, and what they took from that experience.

What an evening! When I got home I could barely contain my excitement! I was inspired by the stories of those who spoke, but even more… I was empowered to know I was not alone! And others have their trials and tribulations and that mankind is truly a strong species.

A few months later I was challenged to share my story on the Momondays stage. I must admit I was quite the chicken, choosing to share my story in Guelph first. I could not tell you what I spoke about, but I do know that I left feeling lighter. Now my son who wanted to hear this story but was unable to make my Guelph appearance, I promised him I would speak in London, so I did in on January 2015.

Between these two talks, something amazing happened. My family began this process of healing. I would have said there was no healing needed in our family, but I was wrong. I had no idea how much I had been holding back from my family about my past, my life and my loss.

Once the dam had burst there has been this amazing flood of healing, connection and stories of the past. All the good stuff, that got lost in my attempt not to share the bad stuff. I never even knew what my family and I had been missing out on. It is like my family had a completely renewed connection and relationship.

In fact my son who is 20 years old, will often post about how proud he is of me. Now many of my friends on the Toronto Area kept encouraging me to bring my story to the Toronto Momondays stage. To which I stated, the only way I will come to Toronto is if Michel Neray invites me personally, which is exactly what happened.

So this small town girl from Sarnia Ontario, found herself honoured enough to share the stage in Toronto with a few speakers that she highly respects. In this final share in Toronto, I was able to share with some close family and friends, and complete this circle of healing. As I now move through my life I do so fearlessly and with more strength today then I knew I had last year. My future is UNLIMITED!

Thank you so much to the Momondays team, and Michel Neray, for this amazing opportunity. To those of you who are wondering about whether or not you can speak at a Momondays, I invite you to take a moment and share a piece of yourself that you have been keeping all to yourself. You will be amazed at how sharing your story will inspire others, and maybe even change a life.

This blog post was written by Yvette Thornton. Catch other great speakers at momondays! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

yof0039Yvette Thornton helps bridge the communication gap between parents and teens, so families have harmony, and teens feel supported as they fearlessly create an unlimited future. As a Program Coordinator, Yvette works with school boards across Ontario, to help prepare our youth for the transition from a teenager to an adult, by giving each teen the confidence to create a future by their own design. This fills each young adult with the confidence to create a future, so they can live a life they love. She is based in London, Ontario. For more about Yvette, visit http://www.flyingunlimited.ca.

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