We all start somewhere

So this coming Monday, I have the opportunity to be one of the speakers at MoMondays in Calgary, Alberta. I am excited and a little nervous… okay a lot nervous. This will be the first time speaking on this topic ever to a live audience. Yes I’ve done blog talk radio shows about this subject, yet its different with a live audience, microphone, and a spot light…

What will I be doing? Breathing! Staying connected to my core so I can be present for YOU all who are coming to the gathering. Leaning on a fellow speaker who I know, like, and trust to take her tips so I can present to YOU.

Perhaps you are wondering what I’ll be speaking about. Well here’s the title: “Persist Don’t Resist – 3 Jewels to Take Back YOUR Life!”. Since childhood I’ve been an over-comer, facing each challenge each time. Over the years of my falling down and getting back up and rising higher each time there are 3 things that I keep on doing – and I want to share them with you. And trust me they are simple, yet sometimes hard to do all at the same time.

It’s actually a motto that I’ve been saying to myself for a few years now: Put one foot in front of the other, believe in myself, and let others help me. I’ll go more into detail and give a story for each jewel during my talk on the 8th.

If you are there, please come and introduce yourself to me. I love meeting new people, and finding out what they are passionate about.

This blog post was written by Aime Hutton. Catch Aime at the Calgary, AB MoMonday on 04/08/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

857558_10152543625985314_379423086_o Aime is a phoenix, rising each time out of her own ashes to soar higher and higher. Owning her two businesses of Awakening Goddess, and Wonder Girls Camp, Aime inspires all generations as a speaker and facilitator to find their inner Wonder Woman/Girl. Aime also has been appointed the Canadian Ambassador for the Freedom & Empowerment Teen Campaign. For more about Aime , visit .

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