What does a MoMondays host get out of hosting MoMondays?

A few months ago I went for coffee with a longtime friend. We had worked together in my previous company, and it was just another one of those ‘let’s catch up coffees’.

Sitting in the cafe, she told me something about herself that I never knew, and never would have guessed. It was something she had tried for years to keep from those around her; but she no longer felt the need to hide.

I listened. I asked a few questions. And then I simply said: ‘That’s a powerful story. When are you going to share it at MoMondays?’

I think I know what the audience gets out of a night of MoMondays, and I think I know what the speakers get out of it, but I paused today to ask myself, ‘what do I get out of it?’

The answer came in an email she sent me after her talk last week.

Thank you so much, Michel. It’s funny how things just line up sometimes. I didn’t even realize how important or valuable giving this talk would be to me until it was done. The process has allowed me to make further peace with myself, including the conflict inside. And it’s allowed me to really, truly acknowledge who I am, and have that seen by others.

There is a part of me that feels lighter now. I can tell that this is another milestone in my life – something I will look back on and view as a very meaningful moment in time. 


As a MoMondays host, it’s pretty cool to witness the powerful and positive difference we can have in the world, simply by tapping someone on the shoulder and saying, “I think you have a powerful story inside you — when are we going to hear it at MoMondays?’

Multiply six or seven speakers each MoMondays, times the number of months that I’ve been hosting MoMondays, and that equals, well, a lot of speakers and a lot of personal stories — and a lot of growth.

So, what do I get at each and every MoMondays I host? I get the best seat in the house.

This blog post was written by Michel Neray, emcee of MoMondays Toronto. Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

SONY DSC Michel is the founder of MoMondays. For his ‘day job’, he is a professional speaker, M.C. and consultant who helps his clients dig down to their ‘Essential Message’. That’s the key to stronger branding, better sales, employee engagement, personal confidence… and world peace. He’s married with three children, two dogs, three snowboards, a whitewater canoe and a black belt in Karate. For more about Michel, visit http://neray.com.

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