What makes momondays different?

I am reminded of poet David Whyte who once said, “It takes tremendous courage to live any life at all. Even if it is only tending a simple garden outside one’s kitchen window.” For me, that is what momondays is about… ordinary people like me standing on stage to tell my story in a way that I have never done before. It is not like facilitating a workshop or delivering a keynote which, for me, is focusing more on teaching, PowerPoints, and sharing knowledge. momondays is very different. It is about looking over my (long) life and deciding on what to focus on and how to present my life in a heartfelt way without making it all about me. When I am being asked to make it all about me, the saving grace is that it is also about what I’ve learned. So, as uncomfortable it is for me to share my personal “stuff” in such a public way, I follow the lead of my momondays cohorts all across Canada who have shown the way.

This blog post was written by Sheila Kelly. Catch Sheila at momondays Halifax, NS on 04/23/2018! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

As a front-line manager in one of the toughest union environments in Canada, Sheila found herself getting lost in a maze of conflicting egos, bosses from hell, and personal discontent. It was in that environment that Sheila learned some powerful lessons about the capacity we all have to impact the culture in a positive way. Sheila has worked with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours, helping them weather the stress of disengagement with grace, compassion, and courage. For more about Sheila, visit https://www.thebigyes.com/.

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