Who Am I?

The age old question of who am I? may not have been at the tip of my tongue throughout my life, but I believe it’s something that was in my subconscious and life was the mirror.

Well, my mirror was not present as I ran the course of my life in a whirlwind. I blew around like a loose leaf without real direction because of the lack of foundation from which I lived. Was I my things? Was I my body, my mind, my thoughts, my beliefs…. When I took a look at the mirror, who did I see? A MIRRage!!

Nothing but smoke and mirrors!!!

I wasn’t happy with what I saw at all, if I even dared look….Then one day, full of Grace, the mirror appeared and it was huge and showed me who I truly was, without a doubt, because I saw Love.

This Monday, come journey with me back to where it became crystal clear. This, 10 minute share, is like everything else in my life, Divine. Thanks Michel for making space where we come together connecting heart, mind and spirit. Woo hoo… NervUs (not a bad thing… just shaking the truth out of me)…

I like this too by Dr. Sue Marter: “When you’re afraid, you are just about to have a breakthrough. You’re coming up to the boundary of what you’re familiar with and what you’re unfamiliar with. And what’s on the other side of that boundary is the expanded version of you… Allow yourself to experience the vibration of fear and just call it excitement… Fear is just an energy and that energy is about breakthrough. Breathe right into it and expand beyond measure.”

I have MoMondays to thank for receiving this wonderful tidbit because it was through someone that I met in January at MoMondays that led me to this quote. It’s all connected!

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AN-AUTUNM-LO-ELLEN-2012-2-112 This lifetime is about forgiveness and clearing all things that will lead me to my full potential. I’ve been on a walk of healing, which I believe is what life is all about. Along the path of uncovery, recovery and discovery, I was blessed with great work…well, perhaps not work, but divine assignments. I was privileged in helping open two shelters for homeless women which led to developing workshops for survivors of violence and a domestic violent forum bringing survivors and service agencies together to develop a protocol in which to assist those courageous souls to empower themselves in the best possible way. I brought all my skills together helping a friend go through her life/death cycle and that led me to coaching individuals and families in their homes, decluttering old physical, mental, emotional aspects that no longer serve. I am just in the middle of bringing it all to another level by creating, We Are Love Foundation, walking in journey with people as they recalibrate and awaken to who they really are.

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