Why I spoke at momondays and YOU should too!

The seven brave souls who appeared at Calgary’s first momondays were certainly taking a chance! (There were lots of speakers and potential speakers in the audience checking it out for next time!) As one of those speakers, I discovered that momondays has something to offer speakers at all experience levels!

New speakers are always faced with the dilemma of how to get started. Here’s your chance! All you’re really risking is the cost of the cover charge! Its an opportunity to tell YOUR story! No research required. But preparation is important!

As a new speaker you may want feedback on your speaking and that’s not really the role of momondays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for it in advance from qualified sources! Your friends will tell you that you were great no matter what. So ask a Toastmaster or experienced speaker for their feedback instead. Let them know if there is anything in particular you want to work on or if you just want a general impression. They will give you useful feedback that will help you improve for next time!

And I’d like to issue a special challenge for Toastmasters. Here’s your opportunity to do a speech in front of an unfamiliar audience! Go outside your comfort zone!

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or a newbie, a time limit of 10 minutes forces you to come up with a nice tight speech and get to your point. The more experienced speakers made it look easy – but it wasn’t. Its actually easier to do an hour presentation than to craft a good 10 minute speech. Most of us can easily ramble for an hour!

I’m sure I was not the only speaker who gets paid to speak that wondered about “giving it away”! momondays is not about thrilling the crowd with something you’ve already perfected and performed. Its is an opportunity to try out new material in front of a live and supportive audience. Even the most experienced speaker should be changing it up once in a while!

It didn’t occur to me ahead of time, that this would also be a prime networking opportunity. A chance to not only be supported by other speakers, but in some cases to hear their stories for the first time. A definite sense of camaraderie developed.

If you’re thinking of giving it a go, you will not only be supported by your fellow speakers and the friends who come to see you but also by the MC. Their job is to communicate expectations ahead of time, make you feel comfortable when you get there and warm you up on stage. They also schedule the speakers so that the energy ebbs and flows, fitting in less and more experienced speakers. They’ll have a question or two for you at the end as well.

If you want to evaluate your own performance afterward, the presentations are videotaped and you can buy the rights to yours if you like. This also gives you material to create a demo video of your speaking. And if you purchase the video ahead of the event you get a coaching session thrown in!

On top of all these benefits, momondays is an opportunity to hear from some really cool people with interesting stories and ideas in a fun and casual environment!

Yes, those of us that spoke at the first Calgary MoMonday took a chance and you should too!

This blog post was written by Laverne Bissky. Check out the next momondays Calgary at: Six continents, sixteen countries and countless cities throughout the world! Laverne Bissky shares her family’s story of traveling the world with a child who uses a wheelchair. How their passion for travel helped them discover a special opportunity to do good in the world!

Laverne is an inspirational speaker, writer and coach! She was raised on a farm near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and is well familiar with the working end of a pitch fork! She currently lives in Calgary. For more about Laverne, visit http://www.Bissky.com.

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