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What is momondays?

Get ready to experience Winnipeg's Provocative Local Speaker Series featuring entertainment by local artists!

Get ready for some laughter, some inspiration and a sprinkle of live entertainment, not to mention some great conversations.  You meet the nicest people at momondays.

So if you are looking for a change up for a Monday night - plan a full night out with dinner (see details below) and entertainment!


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Recap of The Stories you heard in January:


Cian Whalley: Tearing off the Suit...

We give up something in pursuit of selfish goals. In order to play the game effectively we wear many masks, or suits. These masks separate us from others. In a way it makes us feel more secure, safe from judgement. It's easier to play a game when you put forward a character. Deep down, you know that any praise, is really praise for the character, hence the separation. No one sees the real you, flaws or benefits. Maintaining this mask begins to consume you, all your energy and creativity. Mind space. And it isolates you from everyone.

Tear off the suit and stand naked before all!

Larysa Musick: Slam!

Living according to your creativity's ever-changing life force is challenging when the world says you should have a label that fits on a business card. Larysa found herself in an identity crisis: Was she a poet? Illustrator? Actor? Songwriter? Then she realized she could be it all, just not all at once.

Odder than the Otters:

Odder than the Otters float between uptemo folk and bluesy rock, playing a riverside soundtrack that paints a playful picture of a modern world. The Otters' energetic live performances get feet stomping as songs splash into surreal stories about quirky characters, prairie pleasures and faraway adventures!

Taylor Demetrioff: ...Man up!

Growing up in a society where "being a man" means to shut down taught Taylor Demetrioff that emotions were a sign of weakness. During any moment of struggle, the thought to "man up" would constantly pop into Taylor's head and force him to shut down. Through his journey with mental illness, he discovered that the best way to man up is to open up and be vulnerable to those in his life.

Robin Chestnut: It's not all up

It's a neutral universe and we are here to provide meaning. Through what happens to us, and how we respond, we continue to evolve.

Steve Pennicook: All channels open

This is the story of a man from across the world, who lived in chronic pain and who found the direction home - into his heart - through the gifts of yoga, psychedelics, and sacred relationship. His journey of self discovery, self exploration, surrender to “the process”, and what that all meant, helped him learn how to heal his body and his past so he could truly stand tall in himself.

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A Fun Evening Out Idea! 

The King's Head Pub offers their full menu to momonday's guests as we use their private event space. View their mouth-watering menu here.

To ensure you have room for you and all your friends - reserve a table of  4, 6, 8 or 10.

If tickets are available at the door, they will be $20.


5:00 - Doors open at 5:00,
5:00 - 6:30 - Network and visit with friends while you dine
6:30 - First speaker hits the stage
8:45 - Wrap things up

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Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau

Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau, Transformational Coaches

Often referred to as a "Power Couple", Maurice and Tracy have been having the best time chasing dreams, checking boxes and then reaching even further. Their drive to help others live their most passionate life has brought all types of projects to their door. From the custom transformational coaching they do with Ignite Retreats, to the work with the  I Am Festival, I Am Family Camp and Girls Changing the World, Maurice and Tracy are passionately in pursuit of opportunities to #SpreadLove. Together they raise their three daughters on an 80-acre site north of Winnipeg, MB. Learn more about them at


The King's Head Pub
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