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What is momondays?

Get ready to experience Winnipeg's Provocative Local Speaker Series featuring entertainment by local artists!

Get ready for some laughter, some inspiration and a sprinkle of live entertainment, not to mention some great conversations.  You meet the nicest people at momondays.

So if you are looking for a change up for a Monday night - plan a full night out with dinner (see details below) and entertainment!


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More About The Stories you'll hear:


Trista Gargol: Rerouting...

When your GPS says, "Rerouting," you may freak out for a second, only to follow its instructions and find your way again. The same can't always be said for life. When faced with unexpected things in life, our actions define who we are. When our stories change, it's our ability to refocus and recreate our story that leaves the past in the past and the future bright and clear.  Trista is a dreamer and singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan who pursues things in life that challenge her in new and exciting ways. She is passionate about music, travel and learning new things and loves to explore what the world has to offer. She is a Spanish speaker, salsa dancer, pianist and has two cats named Tweak and Nora.

Florence Popoff: On Fire

Entertainment like you've never seen - Flo started meddling with fire at far to young of an age. This instant passion for flames never subsided, but gradually evolved over time. She has danced across the globe, trading techniques with travelers along the way. She now enjoys playing with LED poi for added visual effects and indoor performances. More than anything she is an Earthling with fire in her soul.

Andrew Stambrook: Struggling to Smile

Going undiagnosed with depression for many years and then being awoken with insight into depression and diagnosed. I share my journey through blogging, on social media, talking to middle and high school students. Being open and honest with depression has made me realize that everyone has a story to share and that you never really know someone until you have taken the time to listen to their story. Andrew is a mental health advocate, blogger and speaker who has embraced his depression by becoming aware and open about it. He is happily in love with his soul mate, has a wonderful grandson who taught him about unconditional love. He works in the healthcare field and loves to travel and volunteer.

Julia Lim: From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Born of humble beginnings to a single mother of three in the Phillipines, Julia set off to pursue her dreams in Canada with only a suitcase of her entire life. The journey has been harder than she imagined having to take a break from life due to anxiety but her powerful story will show how she kept getting back up with a new vision and goal to carry her along. Julia is driven to empower women to feel sexy, confident, and in control of their lives. She believes that world needs more powerful women owning and utilizing their power.

Nandita Selvanathan: From Hardship to Healing

Soon after her second son was born, Nandita Selvanathan started working in a Tissue culture lab in a remote village in India. Her salary was only $40 a month. There was electricity only for few hours. She never lost hope and her love of people continued to pull her to the light.  Nandita developed the idea of a healing package to connect and bond with the people of Manitoba through Indian food, meditative chants, Henna and travelogues. She helps people to de-stress, find their own strength, and to appreciate each other's culture. This helps in developing a strong community. She has a Doctorate in Microbiology, is trained in Indian classical instrumental and vocal music.

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A Fun Evening Out Idea! 

The King's Head Pub offers their full menu to momonday's guests as we use their private event space. View their mouth-watering menu here.

To ensure you have room for you and all your friends - reserve a table of  4, 6, 8 or 10.

If tickets are available at the door, they will be $20.


5:00 - Doors open at 5:00,
5:00 - 6:30 - Network and visit with friends while you dine
6:30 - First speaker hits the stage
8:45 - Wrap things up

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Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau

Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau, Transformational Coaches

Often referred to as a "Power Couple", Maurice and Tracy have been having the best time chasing dreams, checking boxes and then reaching even further. Their drive to help others live their most passionate life has brought all types of projects to their door. From the custom transformational coaching they do with Ignite Retreats, to the work with the  I Am Festival, I Am Family Camp and Girls Changing the World, Maurice and Tracy are passionately in pursuit of opportunities to #SpreadLove. Together they raise their three daughters on an 80-acre site north of Winnipeg, MB. Learn more about them at


The King's Head Pub
120 King St, Winnipeg, MB

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