momondays Winnipeg March 5, 2018

Join us for the first show with new hosts, Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau!

Are you new to the mo and wondering what all the fuss is about? Well...

What is momondays?

Get ready for some laughter, some inspiration and a sprinkle of live entertainment, not to mention some great conversations.  You meet the nicest people at momondays.

So if you are looking for a change up for a Monday night - plan a full night out with dinner (see details below) and entertainment.


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Introducing our March 5th Lineup!


Reno Winston  - Reno spent his life feeling like an outsider on the inside, and never feeling fully seen. It wasn't until he finally "came out" and embraced all the things that made him unique, that he finally realized he was a leader and STAR - born to stand out.



Brysen Johnson – Brysen is a creative, ambitious young man with a passion to make a change in people’s lives.  After almost a decade of performing in a band, including travels across Canada, his band broke up and he realized he had a bigger story to tell. Hear Brysen’s story of how he lives by his own standards to go after his dreams.




Brandi Kowal - Her pregnancy was just another normal, healthy, uneventful pregnancy. Great news right! Yet the day her daughter was born changed her life in ways she never saw coming. As the doctor suggested her new baby had Down syndrome, Brandy felt herself sink away. "This is it" she thought. Little did she realize that "it" would actually be beauty, love, faith, and unimaginable growth.



Trista Gargol - Trista was a classical pianist for 16 years, and for her, it was a way music connected the past to the present. As she grew, she was drawn to the ocean and went travelling. Her experiences influenced her perspective of the world and the music she gravitated towards. A few years later, a friend lent her a guitar, which, over time, drew out her creativity and began her journey as a musician.



Judson Rempel - Elementary school can be a very transformative time in a kid’s life. For Judson Rempel, it robbed him of his confidence. He headed down a road of self-loathing for more than seven years, and it almost ended his life. Despite the loving family beside him and the support of his friends, he was unable to truly accept himself.   Now, 26-years-old and the father of two, Judson is about as confident as they come. He didn't change his personality though. Instead, he decided to accept himself for who he truly is; a loveable loser.

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E-mail your friendly neighbourhood mo-hosts, Maurice and Tracy at if you have any questions!

Come with your favourite group or come by yourself, either way, you’ll meet the nicest people at momondays!

Mark these in your calendar:  

March 5
April 8th
May 14th
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This Month's Charity:

 Manitoba Down Syndrome Society

A Fun Evening Out Idea! 

The Canad Inns offers a special buffet package for momondays patrons - buy your buffet ticket at the registration table, go to Altos to pick up your food (soups, salads, hot entrees and desserts) and bring the food back to your seat in the theatre. You receive a free beverage ticket for a non-alcoholic drink (coffee, tea, or soft drink) to be used at the theatre bar only.

To ensure you have room for you and all your friends - reserve a table of  4, 6, 8 or 10.

If tickets are available at the door, they will be $22. Parking is a'plenty and a'free!


5:00 - Doors open at 5:00,
5:00 - 6:30 - Buffet available (extra cost of $20 includes meal + drink + taxes + tip)
6:30 - First speaker hits the stage
8:45 - Wrap things up


Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau

Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau, Transformational Coaches

Often referred to as "the Power Couple", Maurice and Tracy have been having the best time chasing dreams, checking boxes and then reaching even further. Their drive to help others live their most passionate life has brought all types of projects to their door. From the custom transformational coaching they do with Ignite Retreats, to the work with the  I Am Festival, I Am Family Camp and Girls Changing the World, Maurice and Tracy are passionately in pursuit of opportunities to #SpreadLove. Together they raise their three daughters on an 80-acre site north of Winnipeg, MB. Learn more about them at


Celebrations Dinner Theatre
1824 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB

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