Winnipeg’s First MoMonday! November 2012 WOW!!!!

What a blast! I recently had the pleasure of MC’ing the inaugural MoMonday’s event in Winnipeg. It was thrilling to see so many people ‘get’ what it was all about .

Sam’s Place, a unique venue that uses its proceeds to support the community and the world, a sold-out room full of positive, like-minded people, a Juno-award winning producer and original inspiring music, and seven speakers locked and loaded and ready to motivate, educate and have fun! What a combo!

Not even the momentary glitch of tow-trucks could interrupt our flow and after everyone scattered to move their cars for the snow plows, we were right back at it like nothing happened.

The evening passed in a blink with laughter and aha’s and meeting new friends. And the one things that was on everyone’s minds when it was over, ‘When are we doing this again?’ How about January 28th!

Meanwhile, click here to enjoy the videos from the event. Make sure you check out the bios of each of the speakers!

Thanks to everyone for making this such a special event!

Steph 

This blog post was written by Stephanie Staples. Catch Stephanie at the Winnipeg MoMonday on 11/12/2012! Get your advance tickets here.

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