You only live once!

Don’t you wish we were like cats and had nine lives?? To be able to stumble, fall and then do a complete erase and start again (with the knowledge learned of course) would be fantastic. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works. I think if we had that gift more of us would be stepping forward into our lives and doing the things we ‘really’ want to do. Fear is that pervasive foe that holds us back, stops us from speaking up, playing big and just going for it.

Coming from a place of shame and never feeling good enough has been my greatest motivator for playing big!! I played small for so many years, wanted everyone to like me and to feel like I belong and guess what? The harder I tried, the more it moved away from me. Being authentic, accepting and loving ourselves (warts and all) and having courage is the greatest gifts you can offer the world. You only live once, so don’t waste another second being who you think you should be – just be yourself because you are amazing!!

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julie-flippin-new-photo-2012 I am a Student of Life. I believe that expansion and joy are our birthright. I love people and work everyday to accept and love myself more, as that is the secret to my success. I have 30+ years of corporate experience; I am a business coach and have built 3 successful businesses from scratch. Having a big WHY in my life is behind my success and joy. What is your big WHY?? For more about Julie, visit

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