You Taught Yourself How to Draw??

Yes, I taught myself how to draw. As a result, I am now of the opinion that anyone — anyone can also learn how to draw. If they want to.

Once I had the idea to write and create this comic, I could not let it go. I started writing and re-writing episodes. I created characters and situations and continued to write and re-write– but no drawings. Well, no drawings that anyone could interpret.

In those early days of writing and creating, I fully expected that I would partner with someone else who would do the drawing… not me.

At some point in this blog I will share what my early attempts looked like. Pretty bad. Anytime I am frustrated with my current drawings, I remind myself how far I have come.

How I taught myself is pretty straightforward. First off, as in learning anything new, I had the desire; I wanted it. No one else would be able to draw what was essentially “in my head” so the artist behind the writing had to be me. Secondly, I made the time and commitment to the process. Roughly, it took a couple of years before I started sketching out the ‘scenes’ I had written.

The most helpful thing I did in the learning to draw process was to read Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This book was the basis of my instruction. I did each and every drawing exercise in that book. Some days I hated Betty Edwards and her damn book… but, I learned to draw.

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